Third International Conference on Interpreting Quality

The ICIQ3 conference events were commented upon on the following websites:
Apertis Verbis, a blog by three translators and interpreters (Ref.)
Gallaudet University, a US-based institution that offers interpreter training to hearing, deaf, and hard-of-hearing students (Ref.)
See also the #ICIQ3 hashtag on Twitter.

The conference announcement was featured by the following organisations:
AIIC, International Association of Conference Interpreters (Ref.)
ATA, American Translators Association – Interpreters Division (Ref.)
EST, European Society for Translation Studies (Ref.)
EULITA, European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association (Ref.)
European Parliament – DG Translation – Terminology Coordination Unit (Ref.)
IATIS, International Association for Translation and Interpreting Studies (Ref.)
ADATI, Association of Danish Authorised Translators and Interpreters / Translatorføreningen (Ref.)
APTRAD, Portuguese Translators and Interpreters Association / Associação Portuguesa de Tradutores e Intérpretes (Ref.)
ATICOM, German Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters / Fachverband der Berufsübersetzer und Berufsdolmetscher (Ref.)
Critical Link, International Council for the Development of Community Interpreting (Ref.)
CTPBA, Buenos Aires Sworn Translators’ Guild / Colegio de Traductores Públicos de Buenos Aires, Argentina (Ref.)
DVÜD, German Association of Freelance Translators and Interpreters / Deutscher Verband der freien Übersetzer und Dolmetscher (Ref.)
ITA, Israel Translators Association / אגודת המתרגמים בישראל (Ref.)
NPRSI, National Register of Public Service Interpreters, United Kingdom (Ref.)
NZSTI, New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters / Te Rōpū Kaiwhakamāori ā-waha, ā-hihi o Aotearoa (Ref.)
Baker Centre for Translation & Intercultural Studies, Shanghai Jiao Tong University / 上海交通大学, China (Ref.)
CenTraS: Centre for Translation Studies, University College London, United Kingdom (Translation News, 26th April 2017)
T&P, Programa de Doutoramento en Tradución e Paratradución, Universidade de Vigo, Spain (Ref.)
The Linguist List, Department of Linguistics, Indiana University, USA (Ref.)
TI Education, Rikkyo University / 立教大学, Japan (Ref.)
VZV, Dutch Association of Freelance Professional Translators / Vereniging Zelfstandige Vertalers, Netherlands (Ref.)

The conference was also announced by the following websites:
Bootheando, Clara Guelbenzu’s blog on conference interpreting (Ref.)
Calenda, Le calendrier des lettres et des sciences humaines et sociales (Ref.)
Infoling, Información global sobre lingüística hispana (Ref.)
3P Translation, the website of Martina Eco, a professional interpreter based in London (Ref.)
From Words to Deeds, a blog devoted to legal translation (Ref.)
Interpreter's Help, a terminology management software for interpreters (Ref.)
Leon Hunter, a sworn translator based in Madrid (Ref.)
Net Translators, a translation company with offices in the USA, the United Kingdom, Argentina and Israel (Ref.)
Pablo Bouvier, a technical translator (Ref.)
The Open Mic, a blogging community for translators (Ref.)
Tomedes, a translation company with offices in the USA and in Israel (Ref.)
See also the pages of Twitter, Blogspot, and Facebook users.

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