Third International Conference on Interpreting Quality

The information in this section refers to past events. It is kept for archiving purposes only.

For long-distance travel, trains are probably the most environmentally-friendly option. The Spanish railway company Renfe offers ICIQ3 delegates a 30% discount on the Flexible Fare.

To benefit from this offer, you can do the following:
  1. Contact the organisers to request the Discount Authorisation document issued by the railway company.
  2. Print out the Discount Authorisation.
    NB Remember to carry this document throughout your trip!
  3. Go to An order form will appear.
  4. Specify your station of origin, and Granada as the destination of your trip.
    Choose travel dates within the period 3–9 October 2017.
  5. Leave empty the field "Código promocional" and press the Order button "Comprar". On the next page, a list of eligible trains will appear.
  6. Click on the link más opciones de compra ("Further purchasing options").
  7. Choose the train connexion you prefer, selecting one of the Flexible Fare options.
  8. In the area Tarifas y Descuentos disponibles ("Available Fares and Discounts"), click on the drop-down menu and replace Flexible with Congresos/Eventos.
  9. Below, a text-input field will appear. Type in the Discount Authorisation Code you will find in the Discount Authorisation document.
    Press the button Recalcular el precio de la compra ("Recalculate the purchase price").
  10. Check out in the usual way.

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